Thursday, May 28, 2009


Now that Cohen has finished preschool (a post on that is coming soon...maybe...I did make teacher gifts and they were well received.), we're sitting in our PJs a little longer in the morning. Our air conditioning is not working so we're hot. Cohen has taken to wearing no shirt. He doesn't understand why I don't. I'm not about to explain it to him either. I'm not quite into the routine of having two kids yet. I feel like I do a lot of laundry and dishes. Not much else. We'll get there.


Tanya said...

Both of your kids are so cute. I love that Cohen doesn't get why you won't take your shirt off.

Good luck with the A/C getting fixed. There are definitely pros and cons of renting, sorry that you're in the middle of a big con. :)

Ormeeheads said...

Good luck!!! I hated the two kids routine, it about killed me!

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