Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I wouldn't say that have OCD in most parts of my life, but there is something about adorning Piper's head with flowers and bows that sends my serotonin into shock. MUST.HAVE.DIFFERENT.BOW.FOR.EVERY.OUTFIT. It is a strange thing considering the lack of bows/flowers I've had in my hair during my lifetime (she has me beat... hands down) and how un-girly I've also been. The mess that was becoming every surface in her room and bathroom was driving me bonkers, so I organized her bows in a fancy manner.

I took this frame from IKEA:

I spray painted it white and covered the back with batting, fabric, and ribbon.

(If I could make this again, I would do a better job measuring.)

Hide the imperfections with a whole lotta flowers/bows.

Admire your work and then hang the first of many P's on the wall. I want the whole wall covered in Ps of all fonts and sizes (If you see any goodies, let me know).


Julie Thurgood Summerhays said...

Ummm.. can you come live with me for awhile - just until you decorate my house with your amazing talent??? Love the curtains too..

Lauren Ricci said...

I love these frames! There is so many cute things that can be done with them and I love what you did with yours! Super cute :)

Jess and Kip said...

You are so creative! It looks beautiful and so cute.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute, Lori! I love it.

ris said...

I didn't mean for that last comment to be anonymous. oops

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