Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So, I didn't post last week. Not because I didn't lose any weight, but I actually forgot. Well, I'd remember when I wasn't at my computer and then I'd forget. So, last weekend I went on a binge. Not sure why, I just did. We went on a trip to Idaho Falls Friday - Sunday and I ate what I wanted. I came back for my Monday weigh-in and I was up 3 WHOLE LBS. Lame! So last week I concentrated on losing those 3 lbs. I lost 2.5 lbs last week so I feel almost okay about it. It is just a minor set back.

Hanging out by the falls

Chasing Squirrels

playing Frogger
at the pool
Growing up near Idaho Falls, I never really took the time to explore it. We just wen to IF to go to the mall and Taco Bell (they didn't have one in Rexburg until after I left). It is a cool little town. We got a hotel downtown by the green belt and explored downtown. We visiting some fun shops and a farmers market. Our main purpose in going was to visit Mike's Aunt Sue is battling cancer. She looked great and it was a fun visit with her.

amazingly they slept the entire night
Playing air guitar over continental breakfast

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Jen said...

You look amazing, Lori! A few little setbacks are inevitable, but look at how far you've come! I am very impressed!

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