Monday, July 02, 2012


I'm not frustrated! I'm not frustrated! I'm not frustrated! If I keep telling myself that maybe I'll start to believe it.

Week 3 weigh in: -1.0 exactly

It is time to change things up. I eat pretty much the same thing every day. I do pretty much the same workouts each week. In my internet browsing of "plateaus", I've found that a switch up to shock my body is about what I need right now.

So - last Friday I ran... slowly... and for short bursts of time... but I ran. I was terrible at it. I must have looked extremely silly with my short shuffling stride, and my bright red face, but I did it. I was dreading running this morning. I got up and did it and I did better than Friday. I found a 'Couch to 5K' in 30 days program via Pinterest.

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

I did the 5 min walk/ 2 minute jog on Friday for 30 minutes. Today after I weighed myself (and didn't get frustrated), I decided to go for more. Today I did 5 minute walk/ 3-4 minute jog for 35 minutes. Then I worked out my arms. I hope this little change up does something. I haven't really run since I before I was pregnant with Cohen, so that was 8+ years ago.

Any seasoned runners want to give me some tips? How was your weigh in this week? How do you break through plateaus?


Angie said...

I'm no seasoned runner, so no real tips here. Just that I have found with running that it helps me to follow an outlined plan like this couch to 5K one. At first I always hate running when I get back into it, but after a while it starts to feel really good, so keep at it! I hope it is just what you need!

Suzanna LeCheminant said...

i love couch to 5k. i've done it a couple of times and learned to love jogging. i can't use the word running because i am really slow!

i started juicing lots of green vegetables for lunch - it made it easier to get it a bunch of veggies really easily and held me through until dinner. i was down a total of 13 since we started, but i have gained five back....crappy! and i go to girls camp next week so i will be back in action on the 16th!
you're doing awesome, lori. not all of the benefits are in pounds lost. i know that the past few days i have been eating like crap and totally feeling lazy and depressed. i like to workout and eat healthy so i don't hate myself. if i lose weight, that is a definite plus!

Jen said...

After every baby I have to get back to where I can run again. One thing that I have noticed is that you have to practice sprinting. At the beginning, I can only sprint about two houses before I have to slow down, but slowly I improve. Do the sprint as the last 30 seconds of your "run portion" before you return to the walking. Sprinting works your body totally differently because your stride is so much longer.
I have done the "couch potato to runner" thing several times. It's okay if you stay on the same time breakup for a couple weeks or expand it more gradually than the plan says. As long as you keep making the effort, you'll see the results.
I'm seven months pregnant, but I'll be starting everything over again in November. You're such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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