Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Every Girl Needs a New Bag

A few months ago I decided I wanted the Amy Butler Nappy Sack to use as a diaper bag. After buying the pattern, I saved it for a few months while I searched for just the right fabric to make it. I found this amazing fabric at Wal-Mart on their bargain table for $.50 a yard. I bought the entire bolt.

Ever since I began carrying this bag, my MIL has been dropping hints that she could really use a bag like this for school. She is a teacher's aid without a desk and is forced to carry all of her materials from classroom to classroom. Being the fashion concious gal that she is, a plastic tote that she can pull would just be unacceptable. She finally just asked me if she could borrow my pattern so she could make one. I told her that I would send it with Mike the next day when he dropped Cohen off.

She is such a great MIL. She is always so willing to watch Cohen and help us in anyway possible so that we can get ahead in life. I decided that I would just make her the bag so she would have it ready to carry on her first day of school this year. What a surprise she'll get when Mike shows up with the bag tomorrow instead of just the pattern.

Cohen was very also very happy to deliver the bag to Nannies (as he calls her). Thank you Nannies for all of your help!

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sarahbellum said...

you mean every girl needs a new BLACK bag! how many days until we can buy them?

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