Sunday, December 17, 2006

9 More Days

I've never been more eager to give a Christmas gift to anyone than I am this year. Cohen is getting a train track. We've purchased a little wooden train set at IKEA. We bought two trains and one expansion track set so our entire kitchen floor will become a train yard until we figure out where to permantly set it up. Grandma is buying him an electric car track that we'll have to figure out where to put, also.

In the meantime, the boy has turned everything into a road that he can find. His bedspread (a quilt with blocks between strait lines) has become a series of roads. He's lined up all of the books on the book shelf and wound them around the house. My legs and arms have also been launch ramps. The window seals, picture frames... I think you have the idea. He drives his little matchbox cars and trains on EVERYTHING.

Yesterday, I was trying to get our Christmas cards and neighbors gifts ready, he just kept bring me marbles to form into a road. We had a great idea. We turned the entire living room into "tape town" complete with block buildings and trees. He was in heaven for hours, which ment so was I. The kid is smart and has a great imagination.

Mike was a saint and played with him so I could get all of my little things done all afternoon. Let's just say, Tape Town is staying up while I cram all of my last minute Christmas crafts into one week. YIKES!

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! And so it begins! Our five-year-old son was introduced to Thomas when he was 2 and STILL can't get enough of it. Three years of accumulating trains and track pieces and accessories ... Can you imagine what our basement looks like?! I would wager to say that his collection is one of the most valuable things we own :-)

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