Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cold Body Warm Belly

I have been crafting lately. I really have. I've just been so busy in the evenings that I never see the light of day except out of my office window. So, I have no pictures. Last night Cohen and I had a great cup of marshmallows... Would you like some hot chocolate with that? Now he thinks it is all he needs. He woke me up this morning about 6:00 am with his sweet little voice whispering in my face..."Hot choco-lot" over and over. I think he is learning the lesson from me reading "The Little Engine that Could" to him every night before bed.

I have mostly been knitting and painting my gourds. I am just about done with one of the wrist warmers I am making for Babs, aka TeamWang from Mwah Creations. This project has been a bit of a challenge because I've never knit in the round before. But, it is working. Kim informed me that I am knitting backwards... Of course I am. I can't ever get it completely right. But they look cute, and I might need to make some for myself. Babs made me some felt germs that are sooooo much cuter in real life. They are for my younger sis, Lyndsey, because she looks under a microscope all day and is OBSESSED with microbiology.

Aren't they great? She made a great felt pouch and some cherry earrings, too. I love all of my great Crafty friends.

I am forcing myself to shampoo the living room carpet before I do anything. I am going to a great little boutique this afternoon, but... I. Must. Get. The. Carpet. Clean. FIRST!

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