Tuesday, December 19, 2006

C is for Cookie

And that really is good enough for me... or so I initially think. Then I start second guessing myself and want to do more. MORE! MORE!

I had 20 neighbor gifts to make and deliver no later than Sunday. I decided I would make some of Genell's notorious Sweet Pepper Dip and hand it out to all of them. As I went shopping and started adding up the expense, I decided maybe I needed to just stick with the cookies. NOTE: All of my great neighbors are worth EVERY penny of what a jar of Sweet Pepper Dip costs, but I had a budget this year.

I did make a few jars of the dip, but most of the neighbors got some sweet cookies. In fact, I made six dozen, all while trying to get Cohen ready for church. I've had nothing but compliments, so I guess they were a hit. Thank you, Betty Crocker!


stacy said...

16 dozen! Wow! that's a lot, but they look delicious!

Sharon said...

Wow! I thought we tackled a lot of cookies over the weekend plus we had lots of cooks doing it - but you got us beat. Sure wish I was one of your neighbors as these sound like they were yummy.

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