Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's All About ME!!

Well, the boutique is over. It was bittersweet. While I was so glad that I was done for the season, I was not glad that I was done forever. It is such a great atmosphere. I will be sendingChristy (the organizer) a thanks note because she has put a lot of work into it... AND... this last weekend she did it all with strep throat, too. I did well. I sold most of my table and was able to make a pretty hefty deposit in my account. But that isn't what it is all about. I was able to hang out with Melanie and Hillary. I love those sisters. They make the most wonderful stuff and they are just soCOOOL. Melanie and I did a little swappy swapping and I got one of her beautiful crochet hats. I've worn the one I swapped with her 2 years ago almost to death. ;-) They also make the most amazing scented lotions. I love Hydrogen the best. I wish I could smear it all over this post you could smell how wonderful it truly is.

I also got some great throw pillows that were made of the same upholstery fabric that my grandma's old velvety flower gold couch that now sits in my mom's living room. Whew... hello run-on! I hope these ladies continue to boutique together. I do love them all. They are such wonderful, talented women and they all make such amazing stuff.

I started painting my gourds last night. Mike is, of course, helping me because he is the "more art, less craft" half of our marriage. He is adding the real style to all of them. We didn't get very far on them.

After a quick trip to the yarnstore and a less quick trip around the valley with Kim looking for the correct size needles, I started a neck warmer for another friend for Christmas. I HAVE to finish some arm warmers for a swap. I've already received from my partner and I have not even finished one of the warmers. I've had issues because it is my first time knitting in the round. I'm learning and Kim is a very good helper.

Oh, I love crafting what I want to! It is such a welcome change to the mass production mode I've been in getting ready for boutiques. Our next project is making big picture frames out of Mike's parents old fence. YEAH! The wood is just sitting there waiting for me and it is aged to perfection. That will be this weekend's project.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I'll get them up. Our high speed Internet connection moved, and we're back to dial-up. All I want for Christmas is high speed Internet. :)

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