Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Okay... It is Winter

It is hard to let go of Fall. I love it. I love the colors and the smells and the weather. I honestly think I could live in a continual state of Fall. That is one of the things that makes Utah so wonderful. We have four very distinct seasons. Winter used to be my absolute favorite. I mean... Winter is why I initially moved to Utah. The lisence plates even say "Ski Utah" and "The best snow on Earth" on them. But, that is when I only made money to snowboard. That is all I did and wanted to do. Now, it just means I have to leave for work 10 minutes earlier, shovel the walk, scrape my windows, warm up the car... you know the routine. See, Fall is good because you can wear your fancy new boots and that lovely cable knit scarf, but you don't have to worry about ruining them with the salt and sand that they put on the road, or, the dreaded falling in the parking lot on your way into the office.

But, Winter brings many great things, too. CHRISTMAS... CHRISTMAS SHOPPING... CHRISTMAS MUSIC... CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUES... CHRISTMAS CRAFTING... oh, wonderful Christmas. Cohen is pretty excited about all of the snow, too. We need to get him some boots so he can go play in it. In fact, we all need better shoes this year. Our canvas Vans just don't cut it in the snow.

Last night Lyndsey and I went to the Festival of Trees. I forgot my camera because I was so eager to get there. They had great treats and great choirs singing in the background. The trees were all beautiful and the memorials were very touching. I was a bit disappointed in the Gift Boutique portion. First off, they marked my bags to sell for $5 and $8. :-( Oh well, they know what sells. Those place mat totes were all the rage and they were going from $20. Lyndsey's bags were priced higher so that is good. I was also very saddened to see the piles and piles of crochet afghans selling for only $20. I wish I had enough money to buy them all up just so those hours and hours of crocheting would be rewarded. Oh well, the trees are what makes the money. Most of the bids I saw on the individual trees were over $1000. I think it is wonderful that Primary Children's Hospital can raise so much money in only days.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

Hi Lori! Thanks for stopping by my blog and trying to post your pin - keep trying!

I think I will do some lurking about . . .

stacy said...

Wow $1,000 trees! Sorry to hear about the pricing, probably someone who has never been to boutiques, craft fairs, etc. did the pricing!

Fall is my favorite season too - but today we had snow which was a nice change (or course, I'll be ready for it to be gone and warmer temperatures to come back in a few days)!

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