Sunday, November 12, 2006

Christmas Already??

This entire weekend has been spent on Christmas crafting. Again, I am working on a swap on Craftster. This time I'm swapping with an amazing seamstress, so I feel a little pressure. I'm pleased, though. I needed to get going on the holiday crafting to get me excited about the Boutique on Brentwood.

I've been in a bit of a crafting rut, but I've made a list and I think all is well. I am ready to start getting ready. Good thing... it is only 3 weeks away. I'm excited. Yeah... I was starting to feel dread and I didn't like it. I usually look forward to this boutique every year.

After Brentwood, I am going to probably open an Etsy shop. I think I've proven to myself that I can sell things. I need to take a stabbity stab at doing it online.

So, this is the last bit of stuff I am sending Stacy. I feel really great about this package and I hope she feels great about it, too. I also included an ornament painting kit for her daughter.

Oh... one more thing... a beautiful wool scarf. It is about six feet long and only two inches wide. I love it. I do have one other gift I am sending, but in case she reads this before she receives, I'll save her one surprise.

Enjoy Stacy!

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