Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ducks in a Row

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have had quite a difficult time getting ready for this boutique. I usually love it. The atmosphere is wonderful. The mansion we hold it in is all done in old post and beam style with hand stamped plaster walls. It is georgeous. I cannot wait to take pictures of my booth when I am all set up so you all can really see how wonderful it is.

With only 10 days of crafting left, I forced myself to stay awake until these bags were done. After work I went to the gym for a good workout, had a great healthy dinner, and a quick Family Night activity and I was feeling good. I drank my 20 ounces of diet Dr. Pepper (counteracting all of the healthy stuff from the earlier portion of the evening), read a few books to Cohen before bedtime, and turned on my iPod for hours of crafting pleasure. I did it and was all done by midnight. I congratulated myself by watching reruns of Little People, Big World on TLC for a few moments before I could no longer keep my eyes open.

It makes all of the insanity worth it to see all of these sweet bags lined up ready to be given to their new owners.

This one is my favorite and I won't be dissapointed if no one purchases it. :)

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Stacy said...

They look fantastic! Have fun and good luck at the boutique!

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