Saturday, November 18, 2006

12 Days of Crafting

The invitations have been picked up and the Boutique on Brentwood is only 2 weeks away. Last night I just cut out more and more bags. I am very excited about the designs I am using this time around. I was so sick of mass producing totes so I found a great pattern I liked, altered it, and I'm coming up with some pretty cute stuff. They are taking a lot longer than I had hoped, but all I can do is get done what I can.

Last night while I was cutting out the bags and doing the applique, I watched this and I totally loved it. Tonight I'll be watching TLC and HGTV reruns as I continue to cut, cut, cut. I found the last time around, it was easier to get everything cut out at the very beginning. Then, I could match like colors so I didn't have to change the thread so often. I was also able to put all of the fabric away so I didn't have that added clutter around the sewing machine.

This stocking garland is an advent calendar that I made for Stacy for the Christmas Stocking Swap. It was a lot of fun to do. I actually decided that I'd make a few of them for my boutique, but I'll only do 12 days instead of 25. I made a quick trip to Deseret Industries to look for wool sweaters to cut up. I found some great stuff that I am eager to start butchering! Sometimes I feel so bad cutting up sweaters because they are so wonderful, but then I see what comes out of them and it is even better. So, I'll be making 12 Day Sweater Stocking Advent Calendars in the next few weeks. I better get crafting.

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