Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Sleepy Valentine

I am writing this late. I just washed a bunch of laundry (well... Mike washed a bunch of laundry and I sort of helped fold it) yesterday and I was looking at the place mats that I made last week just in time for our Valentine's Day dinner. Seriously, I finished about one hour before.

I decided I wanted to make these as soon as I bought the Alexander Henry fabric a few weeks ago. It took me just a bit of time to find the stuff I wanted to coordinate it with. The piecing was easy peasy! I just did 3" strips of the hearts, 2 1/2" strips of the pink and black, and 1" strips of the white. I sewed them all directly to the red flannel (I bought 10 yards of it on the last JoAnn's after Thanksgiving $.99 flannel extravaganza) that I was using as a thin batting. It gave it the perfect amount of quilting. I backed them in a nice rosy pink and then did a piano key stiped binding. They are cute. I only got three done, because I calculated 3" short on the black and white binding. Good thing the Van Wagoner family is only 3. :) The unfinished was thrown on the WIP pile and will hopefully be done by next year.

We had a great dinner. I was in charge of dessert and Mike handled the rest. Boy, did he out do himself. Mama Mia!

We had a beautiful salad, asparagus with Parmesan cheese, and steak (no, those are not salad plates, the steaks were that huge). I also rolled my very first sushi. These were just simple rolls... cucumber, avocado, and crab in a delicious garlic sauce. Yummy. And, mine don't look so bad... not good, but not bad.

Cohen didn't last very long. He didn't want anything we were eating, so he ate yogurt and chicken nuggets. Delicious. He was, however, quite excited about dessert. I made brownies, topped with ice cream and hot fudge. Of course, after all that food, Mike and I saved ours until about midnight.

This is Mike (sorry I put this picture up - your blog premiere) announcing dessert... look at the excited kid in the background!

He is now heavily concentrating on eating all of it.

The rubbing of the eyes.

So drowsy he can't handle it.

What was left of his dessert.

Mission aborted. He put up a good fight against his giant brownie. This actually worked well for us because Cohen's early bedtime allowed for a nice, quiet evening. We had a great Valentine's day. We didn't buy gifts, just sat around the table and enjoyed each other... oh, and ate WAY TOO MUCH.


MéLisa said...

Cute V-day placemats. Your dinner looks much like our did, we had steaks too! But no sushi sadly.  I also see that you too have Fiestaware!!!! Rock on!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! I haven't been to your blog in quite some time :-( I've been updating my subscription list, so I will be sure to add you. Those placemats rock! And I am SO hungry at the moment I am salivating at all your pictures. And the one of your husband is the best! That's how we look, too, when there's mention of dessert :-)

Nancy said...

Lori, I came to check you out, I'm glad I figured out that you have two blogs, because at first I looked at your family reunion one, now I see all your cute stuff. So how do you know Lindsey? I think we'd have a lot in common, I love your things you made, keep checking in with me! Nice to meet you.

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