Saturday, February 17, 2007

We have a winner....

But continue to leave comments. Someday I'll be like those magic bloggers that can announce a freebie and 100+ people comment. Wouldn't that be great??

T... you are the winner!! Email me at lori (dot) vanwagoner (at) gmail (dot) com and send me your address. Also, because our son's have the same name, HE WINS, TOO!

Marshie is from was the first website (besides my email services) that I visited on a daily basis. I love it, still. It is so juvenile. How embarrassing? But, everytime I eat a marshmallow I say, "Sup, Fools?"

According to wikipedia...
Marshie is infamously - and intentionally - creepy. His commercials have featured non-sequitur rantings, disturbing close-ups, inappropriate sound effects, faintly desperate pleas and even a behind-the-scenes nervous breakdown. He also tends to announce his appearances by uttering hackneyed slang phrases such as " 'Sup fools!" and "Oh snap!" in a heavy-handed attempt to convince kids to like him. However, this technique is essentially nullified by Marshie's innate creepiness, leaving the acceptance he seeks safely out of reach.

Oh wait - maybe I shouldn't love Marshie so much... I promise, bribing you to comment was not my attempt to convince kids to like me. Eeeps!

Anyway, congrats T! Send me an email and I'll get you a little goodie.


Nicole said...

See now I feel silly, I misread your post....bummer too, since I LOVE home star runner! LOL The Teen Girl Squad. It is juvenile, but hey, so am I!! LOL

Lori said...

Oh Nicole. Don't feel silly! It was great chatting with you on Saturday and meeting your "imaginary" husband. :) lol

Tess said...

I love It is one of my favorite sites on the whole internet, and we are constantly quoting it at my house :)

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