Friday, February 16, 2007

Sup Fools? Marshie Here...

Look what I got in the mail from Adrienne. Aren't they just the cutest things. They are the softest little stuffed marshmallows I've ever seen. In fact, they are the only stuffed marshmallows I've seen. But anyway, they are great diet food! Chewing on them might actually burn calories. ;)

I've received a lot of good mail lately. I've been participating in the Sweat Shoppe Swap on The thing is, you make 5-10 identical items and then you get 5-10 items from others. It is a crazy time, but so worth it. My loot is awesome!
I got this pouch, and this pouch, and these Valentines, and this tool case, and these cards, and this little robot and rocket ship, and a little crochet monkey face (sorry no pics) so far. I still have stuff on the way. Yahoo!

I also got this cutest little pear pincushion from Stacy's shop. She has a great free tutorial so you can make your own, but I couldn't help myself. This little red velvety fruit was WAY tempting. My picture is way junkie. Look at her shop for a better view. Thanks Stacy!

This is the blanket I made in my alone time last Friday. It turned out pretty good and was a hit at the shower. I guess because I come from such a handmade family, I thought that is what you do. I forget that not everyone uses their free time to make things. I love the "where do you find the time to do this?" comments. I MAKE TIME TO MAKE THINGS. I got all of the fabric at JoAnn's. I hand stitched around the flowers and then did the binding with my machine.

I know there aren't a lot of you out there that read this thing, however, for those of you that do I have a little trivia. If you know where I got the title of this post from, I'll make you a prize and send it to you in the mail. Just post a comment with your best guess. Heck, if no one gets it, the best guess will get a prize in the mail. You all have a week! Good luck!


Nicole said...

Hum, I have no idea where you got your blog name from...A totally lame guess would be that (being the crafy genius that you are) see pretty little things and always think "I can make that!" LOL

In case you are wondering who the heck I am, I am Kims friend.....we got knitting stuff together. I LOVE your blog! You make me want to buy a sewing machine that doesn't make me want to swear everytime I use it!

stacy said...

I have no idea where the title came from, but I'll be stalking the commentes to find out!

I love that fabric you got from Joann's - it's fantastic!

Mike said...

Is your husband excluded from the contest?

t said...

i cheated but found this . i had never heard of it before but surely my resourcefulness has to count for something!

btw i have grown to love reading your blog and seeing all of your great projects come to fruition!

Kim said...

I love that blanket Lori!!! You rock baby!

MéLisa said...

Those marshmallow guys are so cute & I love the blanket that you made. Also looks like you got some great loot from your swap. Don’t you just love swaps?

By the way I think that we need to start a support group. We could call it P.M.A. - “Pile Makers Anonymous”. I was cracking up when I read "curse of the black pile" on Stacy’s blog!

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