Monday, September 17, 2007

$40 Too Much!

I've only ever been to a County Fair once in my life. A few friends of mine decided to take a late night drive to Blackfoot, Idaho to see what the fair was all about. By the time we got there, there was no entrance fee required and Maryssa flirted with the carnies enough to get on a few rides free. So, I thought the fair was a low cost activity. HA!

After attending a fabulous street fair, we didn't really have anything else to do, so I suggested we head to the Utah State Fair. We stopped at the ATM to get $20 because we all wanted a frozen treat of sorts. I guess I was shocked to find that it cost us $16 to get in. I figured that would cover admission to everything. I'm so naive.... I couldn't believe that we had to buy tickets to rides on top of that. Of course Cohen was so excited he almost peed his pants looking at all of the ride possibilities. We decided to get a few tickets and ride the Ferris Wheel. Well, that cost $12.15 for the 3 of us to ride, so I figured we'd already passed the point of no return and we just bought the coupon book for $23.00.
We had fun, I guess, but I am so embarrassed with myself that I didn't realize that the fair was a RIP OFF! I feel so used! No wonder my mom never let us go. She's a smart lady.
I did enjoy the randomness of it... like the pickled eggs and horrible dragon art.

Maybe next year I'll enter something I made to the random handy crafts barn. Oh well, now we have something to laugh at, great stories to tell, and... something that we'll NEVER do again.



stacy said...

We've only been to the state fair once (twice if you count taking Taylor to a concert, only) and haven't been back since! I would have liked to have gone this year, just for the food (I still never got my fried Snickers).

Daisy said...

Hey Lori,

I think fairs are all about down-home cookin' and country-life. That's why they can't quite be appreciated in the city. In the country, it doesn't cost you anything to get in unless you're going to a performance....And as for the rides, I've always HATED those things. Seriously, from the time I was young, I've hated them. I don't know why.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the invite to story time on Thursday. I'm actually working part-time so I'm gone M-Th 10-3. Not quite as nice as being home full-time, but much better than being gone from 7-7 M-F. So...anyways, a step in the right direction. Keep the invites coming though. I'd love to participate when I get a chance. If there's ever a Mom's and Me on Friday, I'd love to come! I'd love some interaction with women my age. Keep me posted.

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