Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Late to Bed, Early to Rise

I have swap fever and I just can't stop... even though they make me stressed out. I always think I have all of the time in the world to get stuff done. Of course, my life takes most of my time and I get all worked up. Oh well... I love getting packages in the mail so it makes it all worth it.

Above I volunteered to make a twin sized quilt for my partners daughter. She wanted something cherry themed for her bedroom. At first I was thinking of slapping two fabrics together (one cherry and one polka dot) and just doing a simple tying job. When I got to JoAnn's to look for polka dots I couldn't decide which color scheme to buy. So I bought 1 1/2 yards of each and started piecing. The quilting is quite simple; I just ran strait lines through on my machine. As I was getting ready to cut and iron all of those inches for binding, I chickened out and just folded over the backing and machine stitched. It is a cheater quilt, but I like the way it turned out.

The red, black, and white color way reminds me of my high school colors. Go SFH Cougars! Also, as a youngin' in Carson City, NV, via 1985, one of my friends had a brother with an AMAZING bedroom. It had a black and white checkered linoleum floor. The paint on the walls reflected this pattern and fizzled into a black ceiling. All of his furniture was bright red metal and he had a red bedspread. It was pretty awesome. So I often think of that bedroom when when working with red, black, and white. I wonder if it is still decorated like that. He was going off to college and that usually freezes decor in time, unless the mom decides to make it a guest bedroom.

Anyway, I still continue swapping because I love it. The above picture is what I sent for the Fall Favorites swap. This was a great low key swap because I bought it all except the scarf, which you've already seen. My package represents Fall colors, scents, warmth, and the flavors that I love.

I also participated in the Homecoming swap on Craftster. I had two partners and received amazing gifts. This swap has never disappointed. I won't post all of the items I received, but please check out the links. From Gina I received a scarf, a hat and gloves, the cutest knit owl, a set of ice cream stitch markers (that I am using for a camera and cell phone charm), a little log pincushion, train goodies for Cohen, and a great little hot pad for the kitchen.

I sent her this pillow and those button flower pins, along with several other goodies that I hope were well received.

This cute painting, which is hanging in my bathroom, is from Dawn. I love it. She also sent me a necklace and some great bath goods that have already been put to good use. I didn't take pictures of what I sent her but it was a creepy themed package with a monster purse and a beaded spider pillow.

End of story. I love swapping. I have just signed up for a 12 Days of Christmas swap that will be totally insane. Last year I drooled over the gallery as people opened their 12 gifts which equaled 78 items. HOLY MOLY! I can't wait to get my partner so I can start making this crazy amount of stuff!

*note* I really need to learn to make those tile mosaics on Flickr so I don't have to send you there a million times via links. Anyway, want to let me in the secret to making those?


Lindy said...

Okay, my little crafty friend, you are evil! I just spent 1 HOUR looking through your flickr photos, ooohing and aaaahing over all your swap goodies and stuff you've made. I so wish I lived closer to you so I could just absorb your creativity and motivation to create. You really are talented.

About Thursday - that sounds so much fun, and I would LOVE to see you, BUT I'm scheduled to stay with my nieces/nephews while their parents go to SanFran for the weekend, and I've got to be there by 8am. So, sorry, but I'm hoping we can get together for something soon! (Remember the Harvest party a couple years ago? So fun!)

P.S. To make the mosaics, go to bighugelabs.com (they are what is called a flickr "toy" site) and you can make not only the mosaics, but a whole bunch of other stuff! So much fun.

Lindy said...

Me again (as if you didn't know) - I forgot to say how much I like your black-red-white-cherry quilt. I've got some fabrics of the same color scheme and am trying to figure out what to do with them, but don't know if I have enough for a quilt. Maybe I need to go shopping! Hey! (See, I tell you, you're an evil temptress).

H E A M said...

lori, i want to get into swapping so bad, but i am totally afraid that it will absorb me. things like that usually do then i end up neglecting everything. eric would have to eat 2year old frozen burritos and ava would never be bathed. swapping may have to wait and until i start i will sit and be jealous of all the rad things you get and give.

Berta said...

LORI . . .
Hey, this is Roberta! THANKS FOR dropping by my blog and saying, "Hey"! ! ! You're lookin' good and so good a make a connection again. You still playing the guitar? Let me know - come by for another visit or write me: boice@cableone.net. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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