Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm watching Deal or No Deal while Mike makes his special curry. If I won, and had to spend all of my money tonight, I would buy this stuff...

Two of these:
They are two for the price of one right now. Maybe I could justify buying two for the price of 1/2 off the already 1/2 off sales tag!

8 of these:
One of these pencil cups from Shim+Sons.

From Groovy Inclinations Etsy Shop. I love all of her stuff. I constantly check her site to see what is there.

Isn't it darling? I would want it in my size, of course and one for the little girl I may have one day. Or a sweet little girl that someone else might have.
I would buy these for Melissa. She loves penguins, and her love of them is rubbing off on me.

A few of these chandeliers, and I'll take the lamp, mantle and flooring, too.

Then I would ask her if I could buy her house.

I would also buy a digital SLR, pay off our student loans, and buy a mini van... (I'm not kidding).

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paperologie said...

Ooh! Love your style! :) Renee'

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