Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Beauty All Around

I know that everyone in the world is talking about how much they love Fall, but I just want to mimic it one more time. I take so many photos between this time of year and Christmas. I figured I'd better learn to take better photos. So, tonight is my first Photography class with the lovely Nicole Hill. Although I am extremely excited for the class, I am not looking forward to the drive to Orem during commuter traffic.

In honor of this event, I made a new bag for my digital camera this morning. I lost my other one somewhere this summer and I've stopped carrying my camera because of it. So - in comes some crispy pink linen, a doilie from JoAnn, and a few vintage buttons from my stash and there you have it. It isn't too exciting, but I am glad that I have something to carry my little buddy in.

This class will be interesting because I am not sure of the required camera for this course, but I have a digital point and shoot, and a 35mm SLR. I'm sure the course will be taught for a digital SLR, but the SLR and lighting techniques are all the same, right?? I hope. I do know it will be really fun to get out the house and meet new folks.

In other news:
1. Cohen got a really bad haircut yesterday!
2. I also wanted to thank Beki for sending such a nice package. All I did was comment how much a I loved the fabric of a bag she made. Thanks again for the great stuff.
3. I made new pillows for my couch. I love this aviary fabric.


stacy said...

I love those pillows!!!!!

Jessica said...

You will have fun at Nicole's class!

Nicole said...

Those pillows are great!! Good job!

Berta said...

Lori -
It's SO fun to see what you're up to . . . and to see you're SO domestic. I never knew that about you! ! ! THANKS for the tip about your camera class. HOW WAS IT? I'm getting a new camera soon (Nikon D80) and I'm SO excited! I love photography and really want to get into it. I signed up for your teacher's "photography 101". Think I might even do her 'online' course . . . would that be a good choice? Let me know.

beki said...

Your new pillows are great! I have some of that fabric, I've just been waiting for the perfect project.

marta said...

oh goodness.. those pillows are adorable! i love them.

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