Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Primary Program* is over and I can honestly say it was fantastic. It ended a few minutes late, but the kids were all well-behaved and cute while saying their parts and singing their songs. Even more than being grateful for a well-behaved Primary, I am so glad that it is over. Ahhhh. Now I can enjoy Fall and Halloween and all things that come my way until dreary January sets in.

Cohen and I made these pumpkins a few weeks ago. I found some paper mache pumpkins in the Michaels dollar bins and snatched the rest of them up. A little Elaine's craft glue and Martha Stewart glitter made them quite the centerpiece for a Fall table. Seriously, so easy. I was in charge of smothering glue and Cohen poured the glitter. I would have been easier without the kid, but he was great. (Another reason I am thankful for preschool. He's become a much more controlled crafter.)

The Link outfit has not come off in 3 days. We didn't let him wear it to church today, but it has been everywhere else. He was eager to get it on as soon as we walked in the door. I should be grateful that he loves it so much. There will come a day when he will no longer appreciate my handmade goodies.

Boy, these photos are junky. We have not reinstalled Photoshop so I did not edit the pics, but honestly I thought I was a better photographer than this... sheesh! Enjoy your week.

*For those of you who may not know, the Primary is the children organization at church. I am in the Primary Presidency, meaning I help this organization function (scary, I know). Each Fall we put on a little program in Sacrament meeting where all of the children speak and sing the songs they've been learning all year. It is definitely a highlight of the year as much entertainment can be obtained, but as a leader, it is STRESSFUL. I have the acne to prove it. Til' next year!


JC Photography said...

Your craft-i-ness is totally impressive. Love the link costume - so cute!

Julie Summerhays said...

Love the pumpkins - what a cute idea!

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