Thursday, December 18, 2008


Are the rest of you sick of this question yet? Back on the 10th, Cohen asked me this question for the 101st time and I almost lost it. Rather than losing it (he's just THAT excited), I figured out a solution. A paper chain. We've all made them at school, church, and other places. But in case you never had, I offer you a little tutorial. I jazzed it up a bit to match my decor.

Scissors or paper cutter
Glue or tape
Scalloped punch or stencil or Cricut or whatever shape maker you'd like
Circle punch or stencil or Cricut or whatever shape maker you'd like in a smaller size than the larger scalloped punch
3 coordinating pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
1 piece of coordinating 12 x 12 heavy card stock
A kid that needs to practice writing his/her numbers

Step 1: When Cohen asked "How many more days?", there were 15 days left. So, using that math, cut five 1 1/2" strips from each sheet of coordinating paper

Step 2: Punch five 2 1/2" scallops from each piece of coordinating paper (it will take all of your leftovers)

Step 3: Punch 15 2" circles from the card stock

Step 4: Glue or tape the strips into a chain, alternating paper pattern.

Step 5: Have your kid practice writing his numbers on the card stock circles.

Step 6: Glue or tape the card stock numbers to the scallops.

Step 7: Glue or tape numbers on the chain. Make sure a different color of scallop goes on a different pattern of the chain. (Wonder where the kid is and why you're finishing this craft on your own.)

Step 8: Admire your craftiness, feel good about the educational part of it all, and enjoy the question-free rest of the wait until Christmas.


The Driaza Jrs. said...

Very cute. I'm going to do one of those next year! I was saved by Mia's preschool teacher this year. They made a santa & his beard was filled with 24 circles w/numbers. Each day she puts a cotton ball on the # till it's Christmas Eve & Santa has a big fluffy beard! Cute huh? It totally helped my sanity!

~ Angela said...

Cute, cute, cute! I've always wanted to make one as a garland for my tree. Maybe next year!

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