Friday, December 12, 2008

:: NO MORE! ::

Dear Crazy Lori -

Until you finish ALL projects (including the laundry), please stop looking at crafty blogs, flickr,,, and any other online sources for crafty goodness. You've only got 13 days until Christmas and that afghan (what were you thinking?) isn't going to knit itself. You have enough felt ornaments. You have enough wreaths. You have enough garlands. The entire floor is covered in glitter. Your family wants to use the kitchen table for dinner again. You must stop starting projects and start finishing them. I promise you'll enjoy yourself better if you take my advice.

Sincerely, Sane Lori

PS. Clean up your crafting corner (aka War Zone) while you're at it. I stepped on a knitting needle today and broke it. Sorry, but it is totally your fault.


Esther said...

That's exactly how I'm feeling!

Debbie said...

Lori - thanks for the laugh! I loved that!

Jenny B said...

Ha Ha! I told Neldon that he was on kid duty while I locked myself in the scrapbook room to do some cleaning and organizing. I sat down at the computer instead.

Stephanie said...

LOve it! Let me know if crazy Lori takes your advice.

~ Angela said...

Hahahaha. You crack me up. Could you please write a letter like that to me? I think I might get it started and then move on to something else before I get it finished.

AL&G said...

are you working at the yarn store this week? I am feeling the urge to get some yummy yarn for my trip to the south.

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