Saturday, December 20, 2008


Does anyone out there know the Utah state song? I lived in Nevada in 3rd grade (when we did NV history) and Idaho in 4th grade (when we did ID history) so I never learned it. I just remember my mom singing that part but that is it. Maybe Utah should make that be on a test for people trying to gain Utah residency. It sure would have beat paying an entire semester for out of state tuition (thanks Mom and Dad!)... Anyway, I digress...

One benefit of apartment living is that we are not responsible for our snow removal. However, this year we are in charge of Grandma L's snow removal since we only live 1 1/2 blocks away. Cohen loves it because we let him put on his snow pants and moon boots and play while we (read: Mike) shovels.

Here I am hiding in the garage after pouring rock salt on the fronts steps. I dyed my hair brown. I really should have used Photoshop on this picture this picture. Look at that zit in between my eyes staring at you like a bulls eye. Yikes!

We're going to Las Vegas for Christmas this year. I wish people would stop singing "I'm Dreaming of White Christmas" south of Cedar City. Maybe Al Gore is playing "global warming" Santa again this year. Take a look at this. I hope it is gone by the time we get there.

I love Utah's distinct four seasons, even the cold snowy ones. In fact, the cold snowy season is the reason I moved here. I just enjoyed it a bit more when I was working in the bagel shop in the morning, snowboarding in the afternoon/evening, and only paying $133 a month in rent. Ahh - the glory days. Again... I digress... I just pray Cohen still enjoys shoveling snow this much when he is 15. That is how he can earn his snowboarding money to fully appreciate the "Greatest Snow on Earth." Seriously, that is what my license plate says. Let it snow!

PS. This post makes no sense. I just wanted to show you my snow pictures and my brown hair (and OF COURSE the bulls eye zit!).


The Driaza Jrs. said...

Lovin' the brown hair! All the snow pictures are so cute!

Lauren Ricci said...

I just remember the "Utah, it's a great place to be" and singing that part over and over again in Italy as we walked to the Sistine Chapel and saw the Mayor of Salt Lake walking in front of us. That was the best trip!

Tanya said...

I love the brown hair! Part of me wants to go dark for the winter, but it's such a pain to go back to blond. Maybe next winter.

A state song, eh? I don't know if I ever learned it and I was born and raised here.

Liz said...

Great post-I think the brown hair is cute too. Happy Shoveling and Reading. Merry Christmas!!

J and J Bowen said...

I'm so jealous it has been cold here 20's 30's finally and it's just butt ugly brown not like your cute hair! I love it your look so good too really happy...especially for a prego lady! After your last comment I was afraid to be excited about this kid showing up just because peeps was 2 1/2 weeks LATE! but congrats to you too less than 100 days looks hopeful.!!! have a safe trip and a super Christmas!!!

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