Wednesday, December 05, 2007

7 Things

(Pomegranates in Grandpa's backyard in St. George)

I love reading these "random things" posts. My favorites are in the 5-10 category. However, I recently read 100 Random Things about a random person on their blog and I found it pretty interesting. So, here it goes...

1. I will not touch raw meat or eat any meat if it has a bone in it. It is hard enough to touch raw meat without bones. I spend $4.99 a pound on chicken at the meat counter if it has "Hand Trimmed" on the package rather than $10 on 5 lbs in the frozen section just so the touching time is minimal. If meat has to be de-boned or tenderized or fat trimmed, I make Mike do it. Heaven forbid I might get meat juice on myself. I'd have to take a shower right away.

2. I check my email first thing every morning. I guess it is a habit from when I was working full-time at the computer. This has helped Cohen develop bad habits because he gets on the other computer and plays on or for about an hour while I get my email/blog reading/ fix.

3. I love bird images but I think the real things are rather gross. Loss feathers on the ground carry bird flu, I'm pretty sure about it. I will never have a bird for a pet... or anything for a pet for that matter.

4. I have to take a shower every day. It doesn't matter how late I am to an engagement, I'll still take a shower and then arrive at the destination with wet hair. If I've been inside cleaning all day, or just lounging around and it is midnight and time for bed, I'll take a shower. Then I'll take another one in the morning before I go out and about.

5. The taste of peanut butter and chocolate is pretty gaggy to me. When I was young, I got the flu and all I could taste (while throwing up for a week) was some peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate that my grandma made. I had eaten a few before I got sick. For this same reason, I will not eat cottage cheese either.

6. My nose is like a super sonic radar and I could have a second job on the K-9 Unit with the police... yes... I would be the K-9. I can smell anything and remember any smell. I will not got somewhere again if it is stinky (except that stinky bird house at the zoo because Cohen loves the Meercats. I just hold my breath the entire time). I can always smell the garbage or what we had for dinner the night before. It is a curse and makes being pregnant (I have such sensitive gag reflexes) a nightmare.

7. If money was not an option, I'd go out to eat every day. I love it. I wish I didn't, but I do. It has been hard to "budget" eating out. It is down to 1 or 2 times a month and it feels like a huge sacrifice. Aren't I spoiled?

PS. This is post #96. Only 4 posts until my 100 post give away. Tell your friends... because I want to give 2 things away. 1 present will go to a random person drawn and the other will go to a certain person that does a certain something without knowing it. Hmmmm....


Natalie said...

I laughed so hard at your smelling comment. My husband says I have the nose of a bloodhound. I can smell everything too. Sometimes he thinks I am crazy and then I will search out the smell and show him that I can in fact smell the smell. LOL.

ciaobella said...

I'm with you on checking email every morning. I'm always hurrying to get kids settled at the breakfast table so that I can get my fix. lol

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