Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yo... Winners! I need your addresses!!!

Booty shaker picked the lucky number six as the winner of my 100 post contest! Congrats to Natalie!! Please send me your address and I'll get that package out ASAP. My email is lori (dot) vanwagoner (at) gmail (dot) com. Congrats!
And Valerie was not only #10, but #9 and #11 also. Thanks for helping me hit the double digits. Man... we set a record ladies (unless anonymous is a man... sorry) for my blog. Yahoo. Please comment when you stop by. It is nice to know there are more that 5 of you out there!!

I don't know if I'll post again before Christmas. I'm busy getting last minute stuff. If I do not, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I am going to share my resolution list with all of you this year to help me feel a little more accountable for things.


Natalie said...

I am a winner!!! Hooray!!!!

stacysews said...

Just incase - Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday and I hope Santa treats you well!

Megan Michele said...

Congrats winners =]
and merry christmas to you too.
ugh i should be getting those last minute presents done.
best get to work.

J and J Bowen said...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. We are heading off to boston but just wanted to say hi and one of my new years thingys is to post mre comments and let my friends know they brighten my day. good luck with the last minute stuff and congrats on the 100+. I hope you have fun at grandma L's just smile!!! love us

Nicole said...

Yay!! Natalie is my sister! I suppose if i can't win, my lil' sis BFF winning is the next best thing! :)

Valerie said...

I got my stuff! Thank you so much!! I love the little trees and the button ornament. What a treat to get such a fun package - I really feel like a winner!!

Hope you had a great christmas - thanks again!

MarKay said...

LORI!!!! It's your long lost friend MarKay Thelin. You are going to think I am a psycho for posting on your blog when I haven't even talked to you in years.... but I have been thinking a lot about old friends lately that I want to get in touch with and I found your blog. I would love to chat so please email me if you can. We live far away now in Knoxville, Tennessee otherwise we'd have you over for dinner ;) Take care!


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