Saturday, December 08, 2007

Festival Favorites

You've heard me talk enough about Festival of Trees, but I wanted to share pictures of a few of my favorite things I saw there.

This table was so cute & hand crafted and wonderful. Someday when I have space, I'll put this great little craft table on my wish list. That quilt in the background was fabulous, too!

This is the centerpiece Mike's mom decorated. Great Grandma owns a little shop and donated the little elf. It was really cute and made quite a profit...I peaked. :S

I'd like to make this snowman wreath sometime. I'll skip the boots, but I thought the rest of it was so clever and so darling.

Of course the Hot Wheels themed car was surrounded by about 200 boys under the age 12. It was so cute to see them so excited about all of it. I could not believe what was being donated with this tree. A bed, a huge collectors set of cars, a big track, and tons and tons of cars. It was awesome.

Darth Vadar was also a hit and was one of the big sellers. The ornaments on the tree are mostly new action figures, but you should have seen the vintage boxed collection that was also being donated. Plus a television, a bunch of lego sets, and the boxed set of the movies. Pretty cool.

I like the stuff sticking out of this wreath, which is why I took a picture for my idea book. The elves are creepy.

Cohen got this felt car from the "Small Fry" section. This section makes SO MUCH money for Primary Children's Hospital. Each person of all of the committees makes 10-20 small somethings like this car. Our group made penguins. There are wands, and bottles of soda decorated like reindeer, etc. Everything is stuffed with treats and sold for $2.00. It is amazing to see the little ones flock to that table to pick out their special gift from Festival.

I'm glad I've been able to help with Festival and donate items for the past two years. I hope I can continue to do it, even if it is stressful, because it is totally worth it.


ciaobella said...

I didn't even see that snowman wreath. I think by the time we got to them I was ready to bolt out of there. lol That's really cool though.

Cohen has such a cute smile!

linda lum debono said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. The snowman wreath and the other one with the things sticking out of it are cool!

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