Saturday, January 12, 2008

I made something for myself...

So, I've been accused of being "boy crazy", so I thought I'd talk about something besides sexy fictional characters in this post. But before I dive into crafty talk, we saw Juno last night and it was fabulous... and there were no sexy boys in it. :-)

This season, blogland was covered with these scrap wreaths. I loved them so much, I made three in one evening. The above wreath is not so much a Christmas wreath as it is a winter wreath, but I did put it away with the Christmas stuff. I think I'll get it back out. I'm loving the woodland creatures lately.
I found the deer template in the back of my holiday issue of Martha Stewart. I just traced them out of the magazine, but I am sure the templates are somewhere on her site. I just used fusible webbing to adhere the deer to the tree fabric. I stuffed a little batting behind that and then sewed it to the wool felt. Tied to the wreath with simple jute and Viola!

Not bad, eh? I've almost used up the 50+ yards of vintage brown rickrack that I bought almost 10 years ago when I worked at Piece Goods. I'm hoarding the last few feet of it.


ciaobella said...

Wow, way to hold onto supplies! lol

I'm with you on Juno. Saw it a few weeks ago and LOVED it!

Tanya said...

That is so cute, Lori. You are so crafty and talented!

It looks like all is going well for you and your family, we're glad to hear it. Tim has lots of fun memories from working with Mike. Take care!

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