Sunday, January 27, 2008

Optimus Prime is a Troublemaker!

A lesson learned this year... DO NOT BRING TRANSFORMERS TO CHURCH! To preface this, Cohen got Optimus Prime for Christmas from his buddy.

1. We let him take him to church the week after Christmas. The boys in the pew in front of us were crying because they couldn't play with him.
2. The following week a young boy brought his Optimus Prime into Primary to use as part of his talk (it was about gifts and of course, Optimus is his favorite). During our opening exercises, the boy sat patiently with Optimus on his lap (as instructed by his father), all the boys around him - including Cohen - wouldn't pay attention to what was going on. They were all rubbernecking towards the boy and it ended in the poor boy crying and his father taking Optimus away until it was time for his talk.
3. Today, Optimus made it into the church bag. We sat by Cohen's cousins during Sacrament Meeting. Everyone wanted to play. They were all so loud and I was embarrassed. The 20 something kid behind us was staring longingly at it also. His wife swatted his head a few times.

Sorry Optimus, I know we should lovingly open our arms to all who wish to worship, but you must stay home from now on.

PS. I just finished Austenland by Shannon Hale. Fabulous light reading for all of you lovesick for Mr. Darcy and Edward fans out there. It makes it all seem so silly... but justifies it all, too.


Kim said...

jeremy and i are busting up over here! i could totally see how that could be a problem. Seth doesn't know what the transformers are...yet...but i think that Optimus is in his future :)

Rusti said...

lol. that reminds me of rj's story about taking a small snap (the firework) to sacrament meeting. yeah, not recommened.

btw, things are finally calming down for us. we should go out to dinner one of these weekends. how's feb looking for you guys?

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