Friday, January 11, 2008

Ultimate Chick Flick

I went to see "PS I Love You" last night with some friends. I recommend it to all females, but maybe not males. There was not one dude in the entire theater, but there were a lot of sniffling females. Grab your girlfriends and get going! Take off your mascara before you go and bring tissues, or wear long sleeves, because you'll need something to blot the tears with.

It was so funny and so sad and just so awesome. I'm normally not a Hillary Swank fan, but she is fabulous for this part. Honestly, this movie will make you love your husband/boyfriend/sig. other so much and reiterate how lucky you really are. Plus, the men in the movie are pretty easy to look at. Hillary's coats and boots are fabulous, too.


Natalie said...

I went to this by myself on opening night. I just needed some time to myself and this was the most perfect thing for me. I love it. It was really good and I cried a little. What a great movie.

Kim said...

Oh this is one I really want to see. I don't ever get to go to the theater, but I will rent it for sure when it comes to video.

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