Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As previously mentioned, my resolution for 2010 is to do things with more heart. This includes getting Cohen to school in the morning. I do get a little cranky when it is 8:45 am and Piper is whining for a bottle, Cohen is refusing to brush his teeth, I can't find my keys and the tardy bell rings at 9:00.

Above was an image of a rare morning. We were already in the car and ready to head out by 8:45. I even had time to snap a photo while the kids were getting buckled. As I rushed the kids out the door this morning, I had a change of heart. I will try harder to not get annoyed and cranky. It was amazing how smoothly things went. I had not had a shower, but I had exercised and sorted the laundry. I even had time to feed Piper myself. Ahhh!

This post has nothing to do with anything.

Up next: I made a snuggie.


Lynn Family said...

That is such a cute picture Lori!

Julie Thurgood Summerhays said...

That Piper is SO adorable I can't believe it!!! You and Mike make the cutest kiddos - LOVE the snuggie pic on the side of your blog - I am still laughing at that story:)

Jen said...

I love that photo! Your kids are adorable!

MarKay said...

You made me laugh so hard. My kids are obsessed with Snuggies too and my mom bought them some for Christmas (with the Snuggie socks!). I thought they would be all thick and fluffy, but they are thing and crappy. You are way better off just making your own. But I still don't get the whole craze. And I just wanted to tell you too- that your kids are adorable :)

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