Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a list of at least 20 things that need to be done. I'm about to enter FREAKOUT mode because I am over-tired and starting to get stressed. I write this post as I wait for some files to upload for work. It is all about multi-tasking if I am to accomplish anything.

And... this little munchkin isn't helping because she is all over the place and into everything. The hardest part about being at Grandma's house is keeping Piper away from all of the expensive figurines. This house is SO not baby proof. Also, you'd never guess by the smile on her face that she doesn't take naps. When I don't get sleep, I get cranky. She just squeals a little louder.

I was able to go to the fabric store and get the most delicious fabrics for Piper's new quilt that I am making for her first birthday (she is 10 months this week... what the???). It is pink, yellow, red, green... oh man. It will be so darling. However, buying the fabric is the easy part. Now I need to cut it out and put it back together.

My files are just about done. I need to get the laundry changed before they are finished. Wish me luck with this week. "just keep swimming"

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