Sunday, January 17, 2010


In our recent move I had to come to terms with just how many craft supplies I had. As I started going through each closet to organize everything into plastic storage bins, I was in shock of how it had been multiplying. Craft supplies reproduce, right? There is NO WAY I purchased all of this stuff. Where did I hide it all? Were you all lying when you came to may apartment and didn't say anything about my craft supply hoarding issues? Wowzer!

Above is just my fabric. This stack does not include my felt & work in progress (you know... 1/2 finished quilts, bags that need a lining, etc...) bins. I have an additional 6 drawer plastic storage tower that just holds thread, ribbons and trim, notions and other sewing stuff. Since moving, I have not purchased any sewing supplies at all. I realize that I have a big enough stash to work with. You want to know the sad part? I have TWO - yes two - garbage bags to the thrift store.

I also uncovered another 6 drawer plastic storage tower of just stuff. Wood findings, wreath forms, cellophane bags, adhesives, buttons, and what-nots. I have a 3 foot stack of scrapbook paper (which I didn't buy a lot of it. I have a few inside connections with friends who work at scrapbook companies - wahoo for free stuff!!) and 3 big bins of silk flowers (for Piper's head accessories, of course), paper flowers, and brads & eyelets. Let's not forget the 2 drawers of paper scraps, including so much old sheet music and vintage valentines. A drawer full of decorative scissors and punchs, stamps and ink, and all other little 'things' to decorate scrapbook pages.

The good thing in all of this, is that in going through it all, I have discovered what I have and now I am ready to use it all. I've made 10 scrapbook pages this weekend (I'm only 3 years behind on Cohen's short 5 1/2 years and I don't even get very fancy) and I made a Snuggie wannabe, for Heck's sake. My goal is to do a major stash bust. However, I still spent $40 at Roberts yesterday because I didn't have the exact color of paper I needed for our "Day at the Park" layout. Go figure...

* I've been following the CRAFT blog lately because they are doing a feature on organizing craft supplies and how people are doing it. It helps me feel better about myself because these people have WAY more stuff than I do.


JC Photography said...

Wow - can I come shopping at your house! Who needs to go to a craft store.

karismommy said...

I understand your delema totally, I have the same problem. I've had that problem since high school. You saw me in college, I still have that same problem. lol

Stephanie said...

Yeah....I think it's good you are addressing this problem. lol
I am just kidding. I have mounds of scrapbooking stuff that I have yet to find a good home for.

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