Thursday, January 14, 2010


I hate Snuggies. They are the weirdest "it" gift ever. At least Furbie talked back and the George Forman grill produced dry burgers. The Snuggie is really bad because about once a week I am sitting on my couch reading a book and think "I could really use a Snuggie." I COULD NOT USE A SNUGGIE. I have my old trusty brown Independent sweatshirt to keep my arms warm.

Cohen however is obsessed with anything advertised on television. In fact the other day he said after I hung up my cell while driving, "Mom, there is now a safer way to talk on your cell phone while driving in the car." WHAT THE??? We really need to go to the park. Anyway, obviously he is smitten with the Snuggie. Over Christmas we were at my parents house. As a joke, my mom bought my younger brother a Snuggie (Tim has the same thoughts on Snuggies that I do). Cohen loved it. The next day my niece showed up with a pink child sized Snuggie... Cohen was in H.E.A.V.E.N. He hasn't stopped talking about it since. I refuse to buy a Snuggie. They are just weird. However, I ain't too proud to make one. I had to keep it on the downlow and make it while Cohen was away because he wanted one from the store.

So... here you go. You too can make your own dang Snuggie.

Step 1: Wait until the boy goes to school.

Step 2: Put your grumpy sidekick down for a nap.

Step 3: Dig about 3 yards of blue fleece out of your stash (if you don't have 3 yards of fleece, you might as well go buy a Snuggie. It's cheaper than the fabric).

Step 4: Fold the fabric in half.

Step 5: Find a long-sleeve shirt that fits your kid loosely and match the neck up at the fold (oh... be sure your sidekick is asleep before you go sneaking in the bedroom to find the shirt... or else she will be your helper).

Step 6: Start cutting up toward the armpit, starting at the bottom. Stop about 3-4 inches from the armpit and cut out toward the sleeve.

Step 7: Do the exact same thing to the other side. It looks like a snow angel.

Step 8: Sew the side seams. If you don't have a serger, use a wide zig zag stitch so the seams don't pop.

Step 9: Lay the outline back on the floor. Starting in the middle bottom, cut a strait line up to the fold. From that center point, cut 5" slits out toward the arm opening on each side.

Step 10: Turn it right-side out and put it in a Target bag so the boy thinks you bought it. (I know... I know...)

Step 11: With warm fuzzies, present it to the boy and expect a giant hug and kiss and yelps of excitement.

Voila! You have yourself a Snuggie-ish thing that can totally pass for a Snuggie. I shouldn't have been surprise when this conversation came about:

Cohen: "Did my Snuggie come with socks?"

Me: "No, was it supposed to?"

Cohen: "Yes"

Me: "Oh... well yours' didn't"

Cohen: "Where did you get this Snuggie?"

Me: "Ummm...."

Cohen: "You should have got it off of the TV, because if you 'call now' you get a free pair of Snuggie socks"

Me: "Oh, well... you just got a Snuggie... do you like it?"

Cohen? "Yeah - but I wish I got the Snuggie socks"

Oh well. He wore it all day and wanted to take it to show and tell. He's used it about 3 times since. I guess it was a good enough stash buster.


traciannee said...

oh my gosh I couldn't stop laughing. Your son is so dang cute. Asking where did you get it, and you should have gotten if off TV. What a great story this will be for you and your family for years to come. Just darling!

Lauren Ricci said...

Cohen cracks me up. Is it funny I bought Grandpa one for Christmas and my sister in law one last year? They really are the weirdest gift but I secretly kind of want one. PS I knew Snuggies came with the light but I didn't know about the socks! BONUS! Ha ha

Julie Thurgood Summerhays said...

SO so FUNNY!!! I love that you hate snuggies and you still made one - good mom! I had to laugh that Cohen loves infomercials - my kids are a bit obsessed too. They always say there are these cool purses that you can fit EVERYTHING in - so funny...

Kim said...

Seth tells me every Saturday that we need to get a Shoe Under. He gives me the commercial word for word kills me.
Love that Cohen kid. And Miss Piper...well she looks just like Cohen did!! Except her head isn't as huge ;)
Love the Snuggie. You're so good. Miss you.

Stacy said...

Too funny! For my kids it was the toothpaste squeezer thing.

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