Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Aqua and Red

If I could paint the world any color today, it would be aqua and red. Not until recently have I found that I love this color combination almost as much as brown, pink, and blue. After reading several posts written my MissMeshell, I realized that aqua and red were indeed eye candy. (By the way... read her latest post about all of the hand spun yarn... YUMMY!)

I made this needle roll for catpants, aka Tracy. She is also a lover of all things red and aqua. She is also a knitter extraordinary! She makes sassy jewelry, too. And... just about everything else. I'm getting some hand spun yarn (YAY!) and jewelry in return.

The outside is made of a aqua pant weight canvass type fabric. I found this fabric years ago at an upholstery store and bought the rest of the bolt. I only have about a fat quarter left of it. But, of all the "I-love-this-so-much-I-MUST-have-the-rest-of-the-bolt" fabrics I've purchased over the years, this has definitely produced the best projects! I'm sad that it is almost gone forever. The sadder part is that I do not think I've saved any of the projects. I need to be better about saving something that I make. Do any of you ever feel like you never make anything for yourself?

The insides are some of the cutest quilting cottons I could find. The closure is just a silky red ribbon and a fabric yo-yo and a vintage button. I think it makes the dull outside a little more special.

I really loved the way this turned out. This is the perfect type of project to help me get out of crafting slumps. It is quick, easy and extremely gratifying. Anyway, I hope you like it miss catpants!


Karyn said...

That is so pretty!! Red and aqua, who knew they would look so awesome together!

stacy said...

I love the fabric combo! It looks great together.

devilninny said...

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Kim said...

Holy cow, I love those! I am in love with red and aqua now too! I may have to make something for Miss A in those colors! Oh and you *know* how jealous I am of your handspun yarn you're getting!!! Enjoy it!

Tess said...

I am doing my living room in Aqua, Red and Brown! My husband thinks I'm insane, but that's why I'm going to finish the whole thing while he's in Iraq. Bwa ha ha

So I guess I am saying, this is SUCH a beautiful project, and the colors are AMAZING!

MéLisa said...

I love red & aqua!!!! You needle holdre turned out so cute! I am sure that she will love it.

beki said...

ABsolutely beautiful!

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