Monday, May 07, 2007

Lemony Fresh

Today has been a rather uneventful day. I decided early on that I would get out of bed and get some editing done for Mike's cousin before the boy woke up. Well, he heard me flush, so he was up and at em' bright and early. Oh well. It is nice to just sit and listen to him blabber about whatever he was thinking about before he went to bed. SO FUNNY! After a few hours of television, we went to Barnes & Noble for story time. The reader was a cute, funny man that was probably 7 feet tall. He wore nice shoes. The stories were all about mothers because they are having a Mother's Day tribute week with a two part story time and craft. Very cute. Today they planted flowers for us. I'm glad I am a mother at moments like this.

After a little lunch at Noodles and Company, we went to the park. Cohen pooped twice. YIKES! Good thing I randomly packed a lot of extra underwear. He just won't poo in the toilet and it is driving me a little mad. Nothing like hearing a 10 year-old yell, "That kid is pooping!" really loud to his buddies. Cohen got so embarrassed and didn't want to go down the slide (obviously) or walk. He just stood at the top of the playground frozen. These are moments that I wish dad was around to take care of.

He fell asleep in the car on the way home. He is now working on hour 4 of his nap. HOLY MOLY! I've enjoyed my afternoon of editing, emailing, and blogging, but maybe I should wake him up so I will still have some evening left after putting him to bed.

In other news, Mike was offered a great job today with Zions Bank. It is a graphic design position with bankers hours. You can't beat that! We are both pretty excited and I am officially declaring myself a SAHM (now that I know what SAHM stands for!). He starts in two weeks. Whew. It has been a long 6 unemployed weeks, but we've made it.

Only good things have been coming our way since my lay-off. I know that is was totally the right thing. I'm still figuring out how to be a productive mom, but rereading Harry Potter 5 & 6 sure is getting in the way of the productive part! Oh - guess who just woke up?

Oh, by the way, do you love the lemon fabric, or what? It is Alexander Henry purchased at JoAnn's. Right now the only thing I can find to do with it is put my old dusty flowers on it. I wish I had a little girl to make a jumper for. It is just so summery and cute. Maybe I'll make a quick skirt for me, because I bought enough, just in case. ;)


devilninny said...

that would make an adorable skirt! go for it!

stacy said...

Yay! congratulations to your husband on the job (and officially being a SAHM)!!! I understand about not being productive, I got an XBOX 360 and haven't been doing much since!

Kim said...

YIPEEEEEEEEEEE for Mike!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am SO happy for you guys!!!!!!!!! I know a little girl you can make a jumper for ;) I love that fabric, it will make a very cute skirt for you! What pattern do you use? I made a skirt for me yesterday, but I'd really like to use a real pattern ;)

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