Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The House That Lori Stitched

You've heard me talking of the freezer paper appliqué project that I've been working on. Well, here it is... just don't look too close. It was my first try and I must say I am quite addicted to paper appliqué and want to try another project. This piece is going to be a small quilted wall hanging, and my mother-in-law is going to get it as a gift for her winter birthday.

I am going to back it with a similar patterned fabric that the bigger part of the house is made from and the stripes will be the binding. I love the "Welcome to the North Pole" sign, so I wanted to bring it out more. I have a few things to add. I am going to going to add seed beads for lights at the top of the house. A few star beads will be added to the sky and I want to decorate the trees a bit, too.

I think it turned out pretty good... as long as you don't look too close. It isn't really my style, but it was a great project to start on because I learned a lot of different techniques. Man, those windows were a bugger. The small pieces made my fingers, and ego, hurt!

I just bought the fabric to start an apron for my friend Hillary's bridal shower that is on Saturday... I need to get busy. I bought some Chocolate Lollipop and it is just delightful. Of course I'll take a picture of the finished project.

I am off to see this with Lindsey tonight. Ahhhh - a night away from the potty. I swear my life is more exciting that potty training. I swear the kid has a bladder the size of a pin head. When I walk in a store, I cannot start shopping until I know where the bathrooms are. Funny how our perspectives change.

Good news...I actually won (well sort of) an internet contest. I've linked to Meshell's awesome blog before. Well this contest was to help her mother name their new spinning wheel. I suggested Gretta, and it was winning until the very end. Anyway, check out the great wheel and my awesome prize coming all the way from Australia. Yahoo... I can't wait. As a shout out, I LOVE these ladies' blogs. They are so entertaining and creative.

So until next time, I'll leave you with the fabric choices for my new bag. I need something that will carry a wallet, phone, keys, my planner, an extra pair of clothing for the potty training boy (no more mentions... I promise), some wipes and what ever stuffed animal he brings along. Right now I'm carrying two, and it isn't working. Anyway... Adios!


thewoodenspool said...

Hi Lori.......from Laurie!
I just found your blog and I love all your pretty fun things! Love the toy candy!!! SUPER CUTE! My little girls would love to play house with that! I'll have to give it a should make a "chocolate lollipop" covered box for it! HAHAHHAA! :)
Take care,

thewoodenspool said...

PS....check out my blog:

Kim said...

Aw, I am so jealous of your night out with Lindsey!!! Hope you all have fun!
I ADORE that chocolate fabric! You shouldn't be surprised, knowing how much I love chocolate!!! YUM!

Kim said...

Oh yeah, that quilt looks great! Your mil will love it! :)

stacy said...

Congratulations on winning!!! I love the quilt, you did a great job on it. Have fun tonight

devilninny said...

that fabric is amazing!

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