Thursday, May 24, 2007

Like Christmas

First things first... I made a list of goals for myself. I categorized them into 3 sections; Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual. As I've blah..blah..blahed... about on here before, I am trying to figure out this new quest as a SAHM. I feel like I have so much time, yet I am getting nothing done. It is unreal. One of my 'Emotional' goals is to do complete one sewing item a week. Yahoo. I don't know. Maybe it should fit into 'Physical' but I am not sure. Anyway, the goals were made yesterday so I haven't completed anything this week.

I have, however, received some pretty fabulous packages in the last few weeks that showcase the works of some extremely talented crafters. **Disclaimer** Yes, I did get a new camera. No, I have not figured out how to use it. These pics aren't the best. I'm carrying it in this for the time being.

First, from the lovely miss catpants...

Look at this lovely yarn. I wish you could see the true colors. These are close, but not quite. She also knitted...yes, I said knitted... this amazing bracelet. It is just gorgeous. It was also a bugger to photograph.

I should have scanned it. It is the most brilliant color of sea greens. I love it. This is what I traded for the aqua & red needle roll.

Next is my embroidered bookmark from Dy that flew so quickly all the way from Australia.

Again, her pictures are better, so click on over to her blog for better details. I think I was even more excited about the fact that it matched the book I am reading (without the cover art on it). I am so nerdy. She also sent me some beautiful fabric and a neat postcard.

Aren't I lucky?!? I thought so. I've entered another Craftster sweat shoppe swap so I am sewing up those little items. I'll have something to show soon enough. Also, you know my goals, so please check up on me.



Sarah said...

Tis that a Harry Potter book, I spy?

The Office episode was hilarious, I envy your ability to watch the scene over and over, I have to settle for the web video.

Kim said...

Oh my gosh, that yarn is just delicious! What beautiful colors and SO glorious! I love that bracelet too!!!!
Oh, and when you figure out this whole sahm thing, let me know...I need some pointers! ;)

Dy said...

hehehe, how cool that the bookmark matches your book. :-)

Caroline said...

Thanks for the help with the jogger.. I hope to get one soon!

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