Saturday, May 12, 2007

Midnight Oil

I think I had a romanticized vision of what being a SAHM meant. We would wake up at 7:30 am and make a delicious breakfast. Then we'd exercise and go on a long walk to the park. Then we could go to story time before lunch. After lunch we would read books and Cohen would take a long nap so I could craft while my house magically stayed clean. After he woke up, we'd go run the errands and be back in time to make dinner for Daddy. After dinner, we'd play with trains and blocks and then we'd kiss the boy good night before 8:00 PM so I could watch The Office or Lost or ER in peace while knitting. Then I could go to sleep at the reasonable hour of 10:00 PM so I would be refreshed and ready to do it again.

WHAT?!? I mean, isn't that how your days go? I'm sure that Cohen is the only one who throws fits about bath time, or what color of bowl his cereal is in. Or... is the only one that colors magic marker on the rental carpet and wants to watch TV all day??? It is amazing what real days entail.

I name this post "Midnight Oil" because that is when I really have time to craft. Not after 8:00 on the couch while watching my favorite shows. It is after 10:00 pm when I am supposed to restfully sawing logs. Last night I downed a few Diet Dr. Peppers so I could finish the apron for Hillary's shower today. I picked what I thought was a simple design, but of course it wasn't. When is sewing curvy lines simple? I also forgot to buy bias tape. Nothing like making 1/2 bias tape after midnight to boost your confidence on the sewing machine. EEEK! But I plugged through and made it happen.

I love this fabric. It was fun to sew with. I've just realized that sewing is more fun when you use your "special" stuff. So despite the curves and 3 yards of bias tape, I got the package all completed. It looks pretty cute all curled up in the bowl with everything else. I need to stop and get some cellophane on the way to the party.

Then, this morning I was feeling so refreshed (nothing like a 2:00 am bedtime and a potty training toddler and too much caffeine to make 7:30 feel like 5:00 am) and ready to go. So I made my bag.

IT IS PERFECT!!! YIPEEEE! I made up the pattern and sized all of the pockets according to what I needed to be carried in them... cellphone, planner, iPod, wallet, keys, extra change of clothing for potty boy (just in case), and my fabric store coupons and fabric swatches. :) I right?

I also bought this owl fabric in pink. According to my computer monitor, it matched my bedroom color of pink perfectly and I was planning on making pillows. NOPE! Oh well, it can be another cute project.
I added a little patchwork to the strap for some added flair. You know, because I am all about flair. But I am so excited to carry this bag today. It is perfect and won't I just be so hip?? Off I go to my parties!

Happy Mother's Day!


sarahbellum said...

I love that apron!

Kim said...

Oh Lori, I adore that apron!! That is so awesome!!!
And that bag?? That rocks!

Samsara said...

Wow Lori! You've been sewing some gorgeous stuff! The apron is lovely :-) I must admit being a little jealous of SAHM's, but not now after your description of your day *lol*

Melissa R. Garrett said...


I had those same delusions about being a SAHM. You're much better than I about staying awake to craft. I'm the one who falls asleep during the season ending of 24! LAME! I can't even stay awake past 9:30.

Nicole said...

I NEED the pattern to the bag!! Please??? pretty please????

Sarah said...

Fabulous bag and even better apron!

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