Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello friends, knitters and crocheters and non-yarnies alike. A fabulous new yarn store called Unwind has opened in the Salt Lake Valley on 8600 South and Highland Drive. This place is totally cute and offers something for everyone. The store is SO cozy and has so much room to lounge and enjoy the atmosphere. Unwind offers a huge supply of yarns from cottons to alpacha to wool and everything in between. What is so cool about unwind is that it is not just a yarn store. It is a creative center. There are several pieces of art and refurbished furniture for sale, too.

This coming Saturday (March 15th), Unwind is sponsoring the "Knit from the Heart" event. This will last all day. Bring your needles and hooks and help knit blankets, hats, and other stuff for the downtown homeless shelter. This will also be a great opportunity to network with other yarnies in the area. For those of you who think you can't come because you have the kids, BRING THEM! Unwind has an awesome kid area with a TV, games and art supplies. They even get to enter through their own little door. Come on... a child friendly yarn store, you say! It totally is.

Also, there are knitting and crocheting class schedules available. There is a large variety of classes offered depending on your knitting skills. Sue can help you find the one that is right for you.

I'll be working at Unwind as their fill-in gal every so often. I am so excited to work in such a chill atmosphere. I used to work with Sue, one of the owners, at my last job. It is so nice to hang out with Sue in a non-stressful environment. Anyway, I'm really excited. Please check out the shop. It is just plain AWESOME!

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