Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why have just one?

I am currently in a swap on called the Pincushion Swap. I do love my pincushions. These two put the total count to 11. Yahoo! I have them scattered around the house and pins move from place to place. I have a few on my shelf that are too precious to poke. One on the kitchen table, a few on the right had of my sewing machine, and currently there are two on top of the toaster oven. (When I use the ironing board, I have to share the plug that is behind the toaster oven. So my ironing board gets put out in front of the kitchen sink...remember, I live in close quarters. Anyway, there is a pincushion (well...two right now) there to house the pins for ironing. It all makes sense to me.

The pincushion above it made of a soft denim and 'puckered' with a brown wool yarn. The pin is a shrink plastic image of the little vinyl owl I bought a few weeks ago. This is what my partner named the functional pincushion. I know I'll use it. I always do.

But look at this baby! What a sweet felt guitar, complete with frets and tuning keys and strings. I love it. It is also complete with at shrink plastic pick pin. The craftmanship is unbelievable and I hesitated to even use this. But, last night as I was sewing, it was the closest soft thing to stick a pin in and I welcomed it to the family.


AHEM said...

wow. that guitar is amazing.

Mandy said...

Ok, I think I need a pin cushion. Help me make one with the fabric I get on my trip???

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