Saturday, March 01, 2008

Where I Create...

In honor of March, National Craft Month, I decided to show you all where I "make it". I live in an apartment that is just under 1000 square feet. With Mike and I both having a lot of arts and crafts supplies, we have to be creative with our space. So, I am taking you on a short tour of our corners and closets.

First up we have the corner of our bedroom. (Wow... I'm so embarrassed to show you this.) Here I keep my sewing machine set up all of the time. I also house all of my small bits of fabric (under 2 yards) and fat quarters. The drawers contain yarn, scraps, felt, thread and notions. On the shelves I have embroidery floss, buttons, trims, patterns, yarn dying supplies, and a serger that barely works.

Another image of the beast that is the corner of my room. Under the table is all of interfacing, pelon, stuffing and pillow forms.

This bench sits at the end of our bed. Underneath is my smaller pieces of Christmas fabric and the overflow that won't fit on my fabric shelf.

This is one side of Cohen's closet. This is where I keep any fabric yardage or bulkier fleeces and flannels. The drawers contain wood, stationary, packaging and wrapping supplies. The hat box contains photos of Mike's youth that need to be scrapbooked and the gray bin is the photography stuff. This closet is a black hole and contains a lot of bits and bobs.

This is the closet above our washer and dryer. I keep all of my scrabooking and paper crafting supplies up here. We also keep paints and paintbrushes, and Cohen's chalk, crayons, and Play-doh (I really hate Play-doh). The shelf isn't really bowed... I hope. I'll have to go check it out. There is also a little corner for laundry soap. bleach, and dryer sheets. Oh, my guitar is peeking out there, too.

And lastly, my kitchen table looks like this about 4 days out of the week. It really doubles as a great cutting table. I used to use Mike's drafting table but I found it to be another surface to pile stuff on, so I got rid folded it up and put it under Cohen's bed. I figure I have to clear the table to eat dinner so I'd be less likely to create a fabric version of Mt. Fuji each week that would have to be hidden whenever someone came over.

So, there you have it. That is my "studio" that is my home. If any of you have any clever storage solutions for all this stuff, let me know. I've taken over every closet in our home and left poor Mike one shelf in the linen closet for his modeling (no - he is not trying to get on the cover of GQ - he paints miniatures). I cannot wait to have one room to devote to our supplies. Ahh - it will be a glorious day when we all have our own closets and corners back. Cross your fingers that 2008 brings home ownership, or at least a bigger rental.


stacysews said...

Well, when we were pressed for storage, I invested in a wire shelving unit and then made a cover (from a simplicity pattern) that had lots and lots of pockets on the sides. They were really deep so I was able to cram lots of things in there. The wire rack wasn't too big so it really didn't take up that much space in the room, but it made a huge difference storing things.

Crossing my fingers that you all can find a bigger place soon!

AHEM said...

i love it lori

Rusti said...

Holy Crap! You've got some supplies there! :)

I wish I could offer you some fabulous storage advice. I'm lucky, when my overstuffed closet o'craft can't hold anymore, I just add a box to the unfinished basement. SO nice to have, but I'm definitely screwed the day we decide to finish it! lol

rockandcookies said...

You might not have a ton of space, but you're so organized and it makes me envious. What would I do if I needed a glue gun tomorrow? Borrow one from my sister. How many do I own? At least four.

Suzie Young said...

Hi Lori. I waved at you and Cohen as you were leaving The Aquarium today :) I don't think you recognized me. Nice to see you anyway!

Suzanne said...

I think you definitely utilize the space you have! It doesn't matter if you have a closet, a corner of a room or an entire basement... you will find a way to fill it to the brim with supplies. I speak from experience.. i have an entire basement as a work area.. and it still doesn't seem like enough space!

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