Friday, June 08, 2012

I WORK OUT (read in the LMFAO voice)

I have been blessed with many great people in my life. Finding an exercise partner has been crucial in my "sticking with it". I look back at the times that I have been faithful in my exercising and there is always someone else with me. So here is a SHOUT OUT to all of my buddies.

At Ricks College, I worked out with Kirstin at the Raquetball Club at free aerobics classes. The teachers were students at the college and we warmed up to "Cum on Feel the Noise". I also dabbled a bit in running with Kim Eckman. On Saturdays we'd run (well... she would run and I would walk) up to the Rexburg water tower and then run home (downhill). Lets not forget the countless hours of longboarding either.

On my mission, I tried to run along Erin Enke. She was always about a block ahead of me. Sometimes we'd run on the beach (at 5:30 am). I played tennis in Gainesville with CJ Christensen, and walked around St. Mary's with Megan and some ladies in our ward.

After my mission, while still single, I worked out at the gym with Melanie Landon-Hays and Bev Pecoraro. Then I talked Mike into joining the gym (he was a terrible gym partner).

After Cohen was born, I went "Stroller Striding" with Kim Borchert and Lindy Funaki. While I was working at 1-800-Patches I met Genell Brunhart and Stephanie Berg at Kaylene's freakin' insane 5:00 am class of million weight reps Power Flex class. Lindsey Smyth joined us often.

I hired a personal trainer and it was  waste of money, but I learned a little. He was NOT a good gym buddy.

Since I've moved to Taylorsville, I've started meeting Lindsey again for classes and weekly chat on the treadmills. Kimmie Clark joins up often. I started going to K-34 Zumba at the church on Mondays with Ashle Powell, Mandi Sanchez, Candice Bohne and everyone else.

Thanks for working out with me... because being a fat girl in a exercise class is about as comfortable as your tight jeans after Thanksgiving dinner. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and get to a class. I've been the most successful when I have a class to attend (like I need to leave in 15 minutes for Jackie's spin class - my favorite class of the week).

My goal is to burn about 3500 calories a week exercising. For some that doesn't seem to hard, but for me it is. I'm a beginner... This takes me about 5 workouts to accomplish. Most weeks I take two spin classes, one Zumba workout, lift weights once, and walk once. I need to incorporate more weight lifting into the mix (side note: I went to a sculpting class yesterday. Every inch of me is sore. I've been working out regularly for 6 months.) This goes to show that I needed a switch up.

I've also started treating my workouts like important appointments. I wouldn't skip a dentist appointment to go with friends. I wouldn't skip a work meeting. Now, I won't skip a workout. Having my kids in the gym daycare helps because I have to make an appointment for them. 

What kind of workouts do you do? How do you stay motivated? Tell me all about your workout buddy.

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