Thursday, January 04, 2007

Be Prepared

When I got to work this morning at 8:00 am, the ground was dry and the air was warm.
It is now 2:00 pm (only 2 hours to quittin' time - yeehaw!) and look what is happening:

Good thing I wore my snowshoes!

Oh brother. I have lived in snow country since I was 9 years old and in Utah since 1999. Why is it that I think putting a cardigan over a tank top counts as a coat? Why is it that as long as it is not flip flops, they are good enough for winter? I might as well be out there in my bare feet.

But let's talk about my cute shoes. I got these bright pink cotton beauties at K-Mart last year (while scrounging for 75% off Martha Stewart sparkly green ornament) on the Blue Light table for $1.50. They are a size too big, but who cares. THEY ARE BRIGHT PINK! They are cotton shoes. I figure they'll shrink a little with each washing.

One last note... man I have a great view. When the sky isn't all white from snow, I can see all the way downtown (about 45 blocks from my office) because I am up on the bench of the Wasatch Mountains (Eagle Plaza). It really is the best office in the city - maybe the guys on the third floor have a better view. There is talk of our company moving to the Industrial Wasteland that is the I-15 corridor. This is a bummer because my commute is NOTHING. I only live five miles from work. Anyway... blah, blah, blah.

Some of you have asked what I do for a job. I work at an online health and beauty company and wear a few hats. I am the copy writer (although, you'd never know from my lack speak here on this ol' blog), the Director of Regulatory Affairs, and am trying to fit affiliate marketing in there somewhere, too. It is a good job. I work with great people and it is very, very flexible which is great for spending extra time with the kiddo and crafting. These things are muy importante!

Speaking of, I better get back to work. This post was supposed to be about the foot of snow outside and my cotton shoes. Bye!

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hannah said...

hope your feet didnt get too cold!! how lovely to have snow, I was hoping we would have some here yesterday, it was crisp and bright and getting colder, but today has just brought with it rain and gales. I would love to have bright pink cotton shoes, they are adorable!!

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