Friday, January 26, 2007

What Fun!!

I received my package from Lori yesterday and it was just so awesome. Everything was tailored to me and my decor. I loved it all.

First. Lori and I share the same name and have since adopted "Thing 1 & Thing 2". While on vacation over the holidays, she picked up these little ditties.

Cohen loves trains. Lori was so cute and made him a picture frame with trains and painted a small wooden train set for him. The words read the colors of the corresponding car. Look at Cohen back there "patiently" waiting for me to photograph his trains so he can steal them and add to the 10 he already carries around.

Lori is an amazing paper artist and has made me great things before. This time I got two wall hangings which are just beautiful.

The house:

The bird hanging that will go in my bedroom. It matches my pink and brown bird pillows perfectly. As you can see in the picture, it is paired with the match books she made me a few months ago. OH! I just love this stuff!!

I also got these great magnets to match all of the rest of the papery pink and brown goodness. The word pairing is great.

And then, as if she hadn't done enough, she sent me a pile of ephemera to play around with. I'll never be as good as her. She's a genius paper artist.

What a great swap! I couldn't have been more pleased with everything that she sent me. Thanks Lori!

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