Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It is not bad news.

I leave the room for not even five minutes and I come back to find Cohen sitting on the love seat listening to The Bouncing Souls as loud as my little pink wonder can play. He's so cute. After I adjusted the volume to normal, he listened for about 20 minutes and just sat smiling while looking at the screen. Silly kid.

Without diving too much into my personal affairs, I have found that we'll be putting baby #2 on the back burner for awhile. Today I had an appointment and my doctor put me back on birth control to regulate my baby brewing systems. After a 1 1/2 years of trying for #2, I guess the last thing I wanted to hear was "let's wait 6 more months". But it is okay. It is not bad news. My body just needs to become healthy and that is good. My older sister is having a baby at the end of the summer so I can shower her little one with the bits and bobs I have been making.

I have quite a few small projects that I am working on. I am really eager to go home tonight and just cut out fabric. This is weird because cutting out the fabric is the part I hate most. It seems relaxing. I need a bit of mind numbing work to take in the fact that I don't have to worry whether or not I am pregnant. It will be kind of nice.

Besides... look at cutie up there rockin' out on the iPod. Who could want anything more?


Kim said...

Aw Lori, I'm sorry. That totally bites.
Cohen is way too cute, I agree. What a silly boy he is!

Anonymous said...

Wanna go on a mugrun? We could chat or not.


Lori said...

Oh man. I could TOTALLY use a mugrun. Especially if Matty was working behind the counter.

marzi said...

hi lori-
thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! nice to hear from new people! i don't want to be intrusive, but if you want to talk about your situation, i'm all ears. i also wanted to offer to share with you what worked for me this time. (if it worked for me, the one who had to do ivf the first time around, it must be good stuff!!)

anyway, if you're interested, my e-mail is lori at marzipaninc dot com

feel free!

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