Friday, January 12, 2007

Two Offerings

After several rounds of temptation, I have entered the Sweat Shoppe swap on Craftster. I'm offering these sweet little pillows. I have had the little tree hanging on the back of my door with a price tag still on it since my last boutique at the beginning of December. It didn't sell and I was glad. I love it and i love those buttons. I bought the blouse at Savers just for those buttons. I do hope they are well received because I think they are cute and it is sometimes hard to part with things. Oh well. I'll make more and there are other fabulous buttons out there for the taking.

Oh, this is such a horrible photo. I made this blanket for a friend in my neighborhood who just had a baby boy. It is a cute little 30"x30" blanket. It is made from the softest quilting cotton. These are the kind of fabrics that make me wish I was having a baby tomorrow. I found this piece on the 70% off table at JoAnn's last week. There was only about 40" left so I snagged it for a whopping total of $.86. The brown stuff I always have as a staple in my stash. Because I was trying to get it done before the baby was too big to fit under it (the baby is 2 weeks old and the blanket is pretty tiny), I just tied it with some sweet yarn that I tie most of my last minute baby blankets with.

And... this herb couscous with carrots and cranberries was delicious served with some lightly curried chicken and a green salad.

As I stated yesterday, I hope to get some better photos this weekend to replace some of the junky ones I have on here. I want to hire you guys to take my photos, or your in house photographers. Although, I cannot complain. I have an in house illustrator and that is ALWAYS handy.

Have a great weekend!

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stacy said...

Those hanging pillows are fantastic! I still haven't decided what in the world to make this swap round - so it may be nothing..... got to come up with something quick, one day left to sign up!

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