Thursday, January 25, 2007


If you read regularly, you know I am a bit addicted to the swaps on I have just finished up all of my January Jamboree stuff and took pictures of about half of it. I hope my crafty swap partners aren't reading, because they haven't quite received them yet.

I'll start with Lori's loot:

Lori loves birds so I made her this great bag:
I also made her this needle book from corduroy and felt, and I appliqued a bird on the front. The button is from my mother-in-law's stash. I successfully made my first button hole. I am sure my mom showed me how to do this a million times, but I haven't used my own machine to do it yet. It is functional, but my future button holes do need more work.

I made Lori and her daughter matching headbands using Heather's simple pattern and tutorial.

This is my first knitted Panta. Yeah. I had a few issues with it because I am a beginner and I had never increased before. I used a soft, cream wool. I haven't figured out quite how to take photos of light stuff. But, it is such a fast knit and I am already working on another one for myself and then I'll start one for my sister, Lyndsey.

We also agreed to craft and send stuff to the kiddies. Her son is getting a 14" pillow cover with vintage firetrucks printed on them. I feel kind of lame that I only sent the cover, but the JoAnn's by my house was out of 14" forms and I had to get this in the post.

Lori informed me her daughter is all girly-girl, so I embroidered these flowers on some bright pink corduroy to make a tote and lined it with the most amazing Popsicle printed quilting cotton. I have no good pictures of the full bag, but here are the flowers. The leaves and stems are bright green.

And last... they both get one of my chalk mats. One side is a chalk cloth and the other is oilcloth. These are great for taking to restaurants because the kids can draw on the chalk side while they wait, and then flip it over and use the oilcloth side for a place mat. They work well and I always get good responses out of them. Here they are all rolled up with little pouches containing chalk and an eraser. Cute!
Then I stuffed a few more goodies in the pouch where I could fit them.

For Amy. I didn't get all of it photographed because i was finishing up a few things last minute. However I am sending just as much stuff. I started knitting a pair of wrist warmers for her before her birthday (which is also Christmas) that I wanted to get sent off. Of course, I was super late and just included them in this package. I made her some cork and oilcloth coasters and included a drink recipe and a few other random treats. This is lot of headbands I made. They are so fun and easy which always equals satisfying.

I love the skull camouflage the best. I think it is really cute. I also made her this bag out of the same bright pink corduroy that I used for Lori's daughters bag. I lined it with some bandanna skull fabric (after all - Amy is a pirate) and added the fabric yo-yo embellishment. I love the big sparkly button.

Anyway, I told you I was crafting...and still taking horrible photos of all of it. I am working on a pretty amazing craft tote for another swap...I KNOW...that I am pretty excited about. I got all of the inner pockets, needle rolls, and pincushions in there. I just need to sew the lining and the outer part together to make it a tote. That is the scary part. Mike wonders when I am going to make something for myself. It will come in time.


stacy said...

What a fantastic package you've put together!!!!

I love that skull camo fabric, where did you find it?

Kim said...

That all looks so great! I love the Panta too! :)

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