Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Daylight

The days have been dark and it has caused me to sleep in longer than normal. I've been getting to work really late this week forcing me to leave the office just as the sun is going down. I have not been able to take a decent picture of one thing that I've made. Is is a bummer because I've been working on a lot of stuff. Hopefully I can have a nicephoto shoot this weekend with the natural light. You should see the snow. It is just like my last post. It is snowing so hard, I'm wearing no coat and canvas shoes. I did wear a yellow scarf that I finished knitting on Sunday.

I've also finished a scarf that was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my gal Steph. She looked very cute wearing it to lunch today. Last night Mike and I stayed up past one watching this (of course it was dumb - but I do like the Shonen Knife cover of the Carpenter's Top of the World that they played) while I got to the half way of a beautiful cream panta for Lori. I also started on some pink warmers for Amy. Oooooh - they are lovely and I would love to keep them. I'm glad Soul Spun keeps this color stocked.

I made little hanging pillows for a Craftster swap and they turned out quite juvenile. I'll take another stab at them tonight. Over the weekend I worked on a cute little pillow cover and headbands. I used Heather Bailey's tutorial and they whip up quickly. Right before church started on Sunday, I decided I needed a head band and I was there sitting in my seat with time to spare. I also made one of Stacy's pear pincushions, although I have yet to find the perfect twig because my world is covered in snow. Her pattern is clear and easy to sew up.

I did manage to photograph this bag I finished for Nikki. It is not a good photo, but the bag turned out great. Nikki saved this outfit of her grandmother's after she passed away. It was
always Nikki's favorite. She didn't really want to keep the clothing around so I volunteered to make it into something. The interfacing I used is WAY too thick and the 100% polyester fabric was not keen with it. But, overall it is good and she is pleased. I added a little fabric yo-yo with the buttons from the blouse.

I am happily crafting away and hopefully I'll be able to share some things with you next week.

PS. New Year's Resolution - take better photos. :)

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