Monday, June 18, 2012


One week down only seven to go... Did you make it? If you didn't, did you get past it and just start again?

For the past 10 Mondays mornings, I have had an official weigh-in in my very own bathroom. I use Monday as the day I mark my 'pounds' lost. I have a tendency to over-weigh myself throughout the week (which I know some of you also do, because I have talked to you about it). This week I tried really hard to stay off the scale every morning so I wouldn't get discouraged if I wasn't down from the day before. I only weighed myself 3 times this week and it was pretty gratifying to see the numbers down more than an ounce at a time.

This week I lost exactly 6 lbs. Yippee! That first time I did this 8 week cleanse, my first week was  stellar, too. I tried to not get disappointed was the numbers slowed down each week. After I lost 9 lbs, then 6 lbs, and then 5 lbs, I only lost 0.8 lbs on week four. I WAS BUMMED! That morning I went to my spin class feeling a little deflated. However, that week my instructor announced to the entire class that I had lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks. I was embarrassed that she blurted it out to everyone, but I no longer felt like that 0.8 was a bad thing. I lost 20 lbs in a week and that 0.8 helped me get there. A loss is a loss and makes less you have to lose.

In February when I started to get a serious about my weight loss, I made a goal to be a certain weight by the 4th of July. In my head I felt there was no way I would make it. I'm proud to tell you all that I am 1.4 lbs away from hitting my first goal weight!

But more importantly, how do you feel? Have you seen the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead? In this movie, Joe goes on a 60 day all juice cleanse and loses a bunch of weight. It also helps a lot of his health problems. It is worth watching. Anyway, one of the things Joe talks about is how every few months he 'reboots' his body and goes on a mini juice fast. Starting this 8 week program over is just that. On Wednesday - Friday I didn't feel so great, but by Saturday I felt fully charged. Our bodies don't want to be bogged down with that extra gunk. I wish I would have realized this 8 years ago before I started gaining so much weight.

Anyway, I'd love to hear more about your weigh-ins. You don't have to put your actual weight in the comments, but share with us how you feel and if you are down any weight. If you don't want to comment, email me or send me a message on Facebook.

NOTE: This blog needs some photos. I'll get on that.


Suzanna LeCheminant said...

Great job!
I also lost six pounds. I totally failed on Sunday and ate a bunch of junk, but I am back on board today! Thanks for being my inspiration :)

Esther said...

This is Esther. I lost 5.8 pounds! You said if you could make it past Thursday you'd be golden, but on Saturday and Sunday I was having major cravings. I made white bread on Saturday for Father's Day and had a slice with butter and jam myself. And, like I've told you, I've been eating a little bit of fruit every day because no one else in my house will.

Yesterday, at my Father-in-law/MIL's house I turned down three types of pie. I'm very proud of myself and needed this challenge to get motivated to lose weight. So Thank You!

Lori said...

Don't look at it as failing. If you ate something you don't think you were supposed to, just accept it and move on! Right? No need to beat yourself up, or start over. Just keep going!

Terra Bingham said...

So I did pretty well. I lost 6 pounds this week, which I think is amazing considering that I was already eating low carb meals already. I have a hard time in the afternoons, so that is when I have my almonds and a diet coke. I don't even want to look at a salad so I am trying a bunch of recipes with cooked veggies. Got Curt a grill for Fathers Day. I think I was more excited then he was to use it. I did have a little bit of carbs friday night, thinking I would need it for my Saturday morning run but I bet I didn't need it. Thanks Lori for being a great example and motivating me to eat clean.

mikevw said...

2 lbs for me. That takes me to 30 lbs lost over the last 10 weeks. It may not be a huge loss but it is adding up. Don't give up if you didn't hit your goal this week. Just keep on truckin' .

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